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New Non-Degree Grant Program
The Board of Directors has added grants for people who are not attending full degree programs. The grant committee will meet quarterly to approve requests for funding for Certificate programs or for individual classes to help the applicants increase their job skills.
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Vigil Chatter


If you would like to submit announcements or pictures to add to the Vigil Chatter please email Stephanie at stephaniehattan91@gmail.com.  Here are some things we are looking to add to the next chatter, a message from Stephanie:


My name is Stephanie Hattan and I am taking over the information gathering
portion of the Chatter. The other part will be taken over by Amanda
Phillips who does amazing design things and will be making up the
newsletters now.

We are looking to add some opinions of the reunion to our next Chatter newsletter and we want to ask you:

What did you think of the reunion? What was your favorite part? Would you
like to share some of your pictures? If so, please attach them to your
response and we may put them in the newsletter!

For future reference, is there anything you thought we could have done
better on? Any places you would like see put in the tour? Information you
would have liked to receive? Any general tips?

Thank you! - Stephanie


Vigil 2015 Reunion Update


A big thank you to everyone who helped make sure that the 2015 Vigil Family reunion was a success.  A few things that you should know if you missed it:


The new board for the Juan De Jesus Vigil Family Foundation was introduced; John has been a great leader as President over the past 10 years and has stepped down.   The new President is Carl Salazar for more information or questions you may contact him at  carlslzr@gmail.com


Other positions on the Executive Committee were elected and announced as well:


Vice Chair: Jackie Vigil


Recording Secretary: Kalee Salazar


Treasurer: Jose Perez


Members at Large: Rosemary Salazar & Rose Theresa Vigil


A very big thank you to John Vigil, Carolyn Romero, and JoAnn Phillips for their service in making our foundation all that it is to date, without their hard work we would not have been as successful as we have in helping promote education in our family. THANK YOU!


The foundation also welcomes new board member Santiago Vigil. 


Check back with us soon or “like” our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/DescendantsOfJuanDeJesusVigil for more updates.


Mailing List


Let us know you prefer mail via email or regular mail.  We will be updating your preferences soon! Use the "Contact Us" tab to update your preferences. 


2015 Scholarship Recipients


Congratulations to our 2015-2016 Juan de Jesus Vigil Family Foundation Scholarship recipients:


  • Kelvin Morales- Community College of Aurora- Aurora, CO
  • Lorenzo Vigil- University of Colorado- Denver, CO
  • Carley S. Elliott, UNC – Greeley, CO
  • Kamerea Garduno, CSU – Pueblo, CO
  • John Ramon Vigil,  NMHU – Las Vegas, NM
  • Tyler C. Elliott, CSU – Ft. Collins, CO
  • Giancarlo Vigil, Ft. Lewis College – Durango, Colorado.


Seven scholarships were awarded totaling $4,500. Thank you for helping to make this possible.





(C) 2015 Juan De Jesus Vigil Foundation | Thornton, CO